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Writing a Letter of Complaint to Your Bank

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 14 May 2024 | comments*Discuss
Complaining Complaint Letter Tips

Over recent years, we have all become more aware of people writing letters to their bank complaining of unfair bank charges which have been levied against them and, having read some useful tips, many people have been successful in getting charges refunded as a result of their complaint.

There is another article on this website which is specifically aimed at writing a letter of complaint to have charges refunded. However, there are many other reasons why you may have complaints about your bank and here are some useful tips in what you should be looking out for if you decide to write a letter of complaint to your bank.

Reasons Why You May Write a Letter of Complaint to Your Bank

Apart from trying to reclaim unfair bank charges, there are several other reasons why you may want to be complaining to your bank. You may have been the victim of a pushy salesperson who has not given you an opportunity to consider a financial product or service carefully before getting you to sign an agreement. You may have been missold a product or service or may be experiencing difficulty in cancelling an agreement. Whatever your reason for complaining to the bank, your letter should include the following useful tips.

Tips on How to Write the Letter

Firstly, be knowledgeable. By demonstrating in your letter that you know your rights when it comes to a particular agreement you’ve made, the more likely the bank is going to take your complaint seriously.

Your letter should be written in a calm and polite tone. Nevertheless, it should be firm. You should be specific in terms of what you’re complaining about and what you are seeking as compensation or as some other form of acceptable resolution.

Make sure you include any relevant dates and any reference numbers pertaining to your particular complaints and, where possible, make sure you send it to a relevant named person if you’re able to obtain that information, as opposed to just the ‘customer service department’.

Also include a timescale in your letter by which you want the bank to acknowledge your correspondence although be reasonable with this as banks will often have many complaints to deal with.

Example of a Letter of Complaint to a Bank

Dear Mr. Jones,

REF: PPI/0545674 JBH

I would like to make a complaint about the personal protection insurance policy – reference number above - which I was sold by your field sales representative Jason Abell recently when I took out an unsecured loan with your bank on 2nd April, 2008.

I felt I was rushed into agreeing to this policy being tacked onto my loan agreement and it was only later when I was able to read the small print in the agreement that I realised that, due to being self-employed, I would not be entitled to make any claim against the policy were I to become ill and have to take time off work. Therefore, as the policy would not cover me for payments on the loan if I was to become ill, I wish to cancel the policy under the terms of the 28 days cooling off period and to have the money paid towards it so far refunded to my account.Please acknowledge receipt of this complaint within 28 days and I look forward to your co-operation regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. John B. Hall

At this stage, you shouldn’t let your complaining be threatening in any way. At least allow the bank to acknowledge that they have received your letter and to address how they intend to deal with your complaint. It’s only if you get no joy that you should then send a second letter emphasising your rights under the terms and conditions of your agreement that you could also add into that second letter that if you weren’t to receive the resolution you are seeking, that you would be looking to take matters further with the Financial Ombudsman, for example.

In other words, ‘save your powder’ for later and at least give the bank the opportunity to put matters right itself without you having to resort to the threat of taking further action. You can always do that later, if need be.

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Arvind kumar singh - 2-Apr-24 @ 4:55 AM
Dear Concern , I hope you are well. I am Hafiz Muhammad Affan Raza from Lahore. I have been a customer of UBL for the last 4 years. I always appreciated UBL services as compared with other bank services. Being A customer of UBL , i want to ask to top management where is safety standards of UBL & what protocols are implemented at UBL operation sites.Your Customers are the main source of earning & whyOperation sites is showing negligence on customer safety. I want to highlight majornear missesof your operational bankingsites. Scenario #01 Location : Tajpura Lahore branch Butt chowk Concern: Customer Safety Date: 05 February,2024 Time : 10:00pm Root Cause : Lack of supervision of your HSE Dept/Administration Dept Violation of HSE Protocols No signages No barrication No HSE /Admin person involved for continuous supervision No awareness of site protocols Recently I am living in Tajpura lahore. I have visited your UBL Branch Tajpurafor cash withdrawal via atm.At above the building ,RCC Lanter construction activity & Mason work weregoing on & the customers who are coming for atm or branch are open to expose this high risk activity. Workers weredoing hammer activity & particles & small stones fell down on the ground .Fortunately ,No one was harmed or injured during this activity. Scenario #02 Location : Tajpura Lahore branch Butt chowk Concern: Customer Safety Date: 20 February,2024 Time : 8:51pm Root Cause : Lack of supervision of your HSE Dept/Administration Dept Violation of HSE Protocols Violation Of work at height protocols No signages No barrication No HSE /Admin person involved for continuous supervision No awareness of site protocols On the other day, Ceiling roof activity was going on in front of UBL Atm machine room.Customers were going below planks & planks were placed on two ladders. Operation is going on.Fortunately ,No one is harmed or injured. I hope this reporting will create a change & UBL will ensure customer safety& you should develop a reporting system of near misses of your facilities.
Iffi - 7-Mar-24 @ 7:52 AM
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Chottu - 29-Feb-24 @ 5:43 PM
I would like to ask when i will receive my refund from carrefour...i spoke to them and they said its already transfer in my bank account..Pls kindly check because i am waiting 16days now for my refund..Thank you
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Dileep Kumar - 1-Feb-24 @ 3:03 AM
I have reopened my PNB saving account after 10 years. But no one explain me about the charges which will deduct. Bank cut 3200/- without any information. How and where I have to complain against bank ?
Bharti Shukla Sharma - 31-Jan-24 @ 10:06 AM
Hello there, I am asking Vellore branch Manager to make enable me to use of net banking since a month. called several times, mailed several times but no response. so please assist me to use of netbanking provision
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Lalit - 28-Nov-23 @ 10:09 AM
Acc bank saya ada menerima penolakan tiba2 jdi sekiranya penolakan tersebut ditolak melalui pembayaran kenderaan mala tidak masalah. Kalau ditolak tanpa sengaja ,harap dapat refund segera.
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Rahul - 1-Nov-23 @ 1:34 AM
I would like to lodge a complaint at nedbank head office with regard to information about investment that is already close. Acc no: 644625639998
Lost - 30-Oct-23 @ 12:17 PM
Dear Sir, my wife last month shopping on 24th Sep-23 and payment from ATM card. salesman two times scan but system error card not scan. we paid cash and when she was check balance two transection amount paid (PKR.14882). we complain on help line and after 10 day our letter TCS but due to my transfer from RYK to Multan said letter not receive any body. we again complain (0946) now he asking after 47 days your amount will return in your account. Bank manager RYK NOT response on phone call we have many time call. Please support and resolve the said issue asap. Account holder name. Shomaila Saeed MCB Rahim Yar Khan Branch (Sadiq Bazar). NIC# 31303-7898166-2.
Saeed Anjum - 26-Oct-23 @ 11:43 AM
Dear Respected Sir/Madam I have paid the monthly installment of IDFC Bank (10-09-2023) along with the extra charges, which are available in the attachment. After that why did the IDFC bank deduct Rs 116 from my account? Please look at my problem and find a solution. It will be very helpful to you. Thanks and regards Nazar Abbas
Abbas - 12-Sep-23 @ 10:41 AM
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Anees - 9-Sep-23 @ 9:05 PM
Account #008370015408. We changed our address at least 6 times with you in the last 4 years and we paid off our car by selling it and needed the lien release expedited on 8/29/23 and you still sent it to wrong address. We haven't lived there in over 4 years.Now buyer wants money back because we don't have lien release so he can't register the car.This is ridiculous! The woman who I spoke to when getting it expedited even verified my correct address! How was it still sent to wrong address?
Tom - 8-Sep-23 @ 8:54 PM
I was debited 100k from POS and it was declined
Nkem - 4-Sep-23 @ 1:15 PM
Sir i have complained many time rigarding nominees name in the account not displayed there's account Sir pls do needful for me Many people whose gaurdian are died are facing problems for there's money Mymo number is 9974936421 I was BC and i had opened there account So pls do needful Thanks
Devang - 2-Sep-23 @ 4:24 PM
Sir Manohar dinaji dhore at .kharkada Tahsil - bramhapuri dist-chandrapur (m.s.) Yancha saving khata bramhapuri shakhet AC no-2999503446 aahe. Tyancha pm jivan Jyoti vima kadhala hota .tyanchi corona mule Death zali.01.04.2021 la .bankela sarv kagadpatre dili aahet parantu ajun vima midala nahi.mob no-9096445901
Manu - 19-Aug-23 @ 3:56 AM
Sir Manohar dinaji dhore at.kharkada ?????.brahmpuri jilha- Chandrapur (m.s.) Yancha pm jivan Jyoti vima kadhala hota ??????? ?????????? death zali .?????? ???? ????????? ????? ????. 3 ???? ???? ???? .??? ???? ?????? ????. Mob no -??????????
Manu - 19-Aug-23 @ 3:46 AM
I send money 8 August 2023. Rs 30000 To unknown Bank Alfalah acount number 01391008204184 his name is Moiz Haroon. Please return my money. Thank you
Tossi - 18-Aug-23 @ 10:20 AM
I have complain last month I ask the bank to stop deal direct to deduct from my account tymebank but even this month they still deduct
Fikzo - 2-Aug-23 @ 11:52 AM
Hi,I collected a loan but there is over deduction please can I get an explanation. Thank you
Milly - 28-Jul-23 @ 12:21 PM
i writing this letter for my bvn complan to free my account for wach lise for stabin ibct bank
pharooukq - 25-Jul-23 @ 4:19 PM
i writing this letter for my bvn complan to free my account for wach lise
pharooukq - 25-Jul-23 @ 4:17 PM
Namaste, Mera naam kavita gautam h. M kay salo se central bank of india branch sihani ki customer rhi hu. Bank ki service bahut acchi h, isliya muja kabi koi dikkat nhi hui bank se related, lakin 19 july, 2022 ko 4:41 sham ko mna DIVYA UNNATI CO- OPERATIVE SOCIETY ko 1990 rs ki payment ki thi. Payment mera account se debit ho gye thi but receiver k account m nhi pauch paye. Mna phle google pay customer care pr baat ki unhone bola k payment bank se deduct hui h to bank hi refund kraga. Phir m bank gye phle to bank na koi sunvaye nhi ki mna bhut chakkar kata tb jaka unhone meri complain Mumbai m kisi portal pr ki. M pta krna gye 1 month bad to bank na bola k hma nhi pta payment kyu nhi aaye. Pura 1 year ho chuka h mera payment ko. Plz meri payment refund kra dijya. Dhanyavaad Kavita Gautam
Poem - 18-Jul-23 @ 8:50 AM
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