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Letter Refuting Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

By: Beth Morrisey MLIS - Updated: 23 Aug 2012 | comments*Discuss
Credit Card Charges Fraudulent Refuting

Fraudulent credit card charges can be a real headache, not the least because they mean your account has been compromised and you may now have to fight to have them deleted from your balance. If you notice unauthorized charges on your credit card call your card provider immediately and then reiterate your message in a letter. Discuss your account and the irregularities, address your letter to the correct person and format your letter formally both for your records and to bring about the most efficient resolution.

Discussing Your Credit Card Account

When you must refute fraudulent claims on your credit card account you’ll need to give the letter recipient enough information about your account to be able to look into your concerns. This information should include:
  • Your account number and the name on the account.
  • The name of any authorised users associated with your account.
  • The specific charges you dispute which appear on your account statements.
  • A statement of what your balance should be minus the fraudulent charges.
  • A request for the fraudulent charges to be removed from your account.
  • A request for new, uncompromised cards to be sent to you.
  • A request for an investigation into how your account was compromised.
  • A message of thanks for reviewing and resolving the matter.

Addressing Your Letter Refuting Fraudulent Charges

Your letter will receive the most amount of attention in the least amount of time if you address it to a specific individual. After alerting your credit card company by phone that fraudulent charges have been made, ask that representative if (s)he is the correct contact to receive a letter. If (s)he is not, ask to be transferred to a customer services representative who will be able to give you further information about posting in letters. Try not to send a letter addressed simply to a department or “To Whom It May Concern” as you will have no record of to whom you wrote and therefore no one to follow up with directly as the investigation into the fraudulent charges continues.

Formatting Your Business Letter

Any letter to your credit card company should be formatted formally, after all your relationship to them is one based upon business. A formal format requires the inclusion of both the letter writer and recipient’s name and mailing address, as well as the business title of the recipient. The date of writing should be included as well as formal salutations and closings. You should sign this letter above your printed name and the letter should be printed in an easy to read font on clean, white paper. Such letters are representative of you as an individual so no company or organisation letterhead should be used. Postal delivery is most appropriate for a letter refuting fraudulent credit card charges.

Sample of a Letter Refuting Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

Mr. Charles Customer
[Mailing Address]

9 March, 2011

Mr. Robert Representative
Customer Services Manager
[Credit Card Company]
[Mailing Address]

Dear Mr. Representative,

Further to the telephone call I placed to [Credit Card Company] on 07 March, 2011 I would like to summarise the fraudulent charges made to my [Credit Card], account number 4908745869324105. I am the only user of this card, there are no other authorised users on this account.

Between 02 March and 05 March my card was fraudulently used to make a variety of purchases from online retailers. A charge of £899.99 was made to Bargain Bikes based in San Jose, California, USA, a charge of £476.82 was made to Super Salon Supplies based in New York, New York, USA and a charge of £767.64 was made to Great Gardens Superstore based in London. Associated exchange rate charges were also added to the two transactions which involved retailers outside of the UK.

On 07 March, 2011 I advised your customer services representative Deborah Gold that these charges were not made by me, that I would like them investigated and struck from my account. I also asked that a new card be posted to me to replace the card which has obviously been compromised.

I thank you for taking the time to review this case and resolve the fraudulent charges as quickly as possible. Should you need to speak with me further I can always be contacted via the address above, on [Telephone Number] or at [Email Address]. I am happy to help your investigation in any way I can.


Charles Customer

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