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Letter Seeking Fundraising for an Event

By: Beth Morrisey MLIS - Updated: 24 Mar 2020 | comments*Discuss
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Fundraising for a charity event can be hard work, but a good letter explaining what you are doing and how others can help could make all the difference between success and failure. Your next letter seeking fundraising for an event should include details of the event, your part in it, the organisation for which you are fundraising, your monetary goal for fundraising and how others can become involved if they so desire. Such letters should be typed up and include fun graphics if at all possible.

Details of the Event

A good letter seeking fundraising for an event will include details of the event in question. This means telling readers what the event will be, for example a fun run or a pub quiz, as well as the host of the event, how funds raised by the event will be used, if you are participating by yourself or in a team and the basic information of when and where the event will take place. If others are invited to come along and get involved in the day then this information can be included as well.

Your Part in the Event

Be sure to tell your readers what you are doing at the event in a letter seeking fundraising. Don't mislead them into believing that you will be climbing a mountain if in fact you are booking the team's travel arrangements, and don't let them think that you are just going for a swim if you are attempting a World Record channel crossing. Accurately describe your role in the event, no matter what it is, and the magnitude of the event.

Chosen Organisation

Always include details of the organisation for which you are fundraising in a letter seeking funds. Be sure to name the organisation and either give a short history of it or include details of what it does today. If the funds that you raise will be funneled towards a specific goal for this organisation then this should be mentioned as well.

Monetary Goal

If you have a monetary goal in mind for yourself, or you need to reach a monetary goal in order to participate in an event, then mention this in your letter seeking fundraising. If the event itself is hoping to raise a particular amount then include this number as well.

Further Involvement

Very often when friends and family find out that you are involved in fundraising for a charity event they will want to participate as well. To save yourself some time, include a sentence or even a paragraph on how others can become involved with the event if they so desire. Be sure to include details of how they can find out more about the event and anything that will be required of them - such as an entry fee or registering a team - as well as the deadline by which these will be due. You might also include details on how they can help you personally, such as by becoming a workout buddy or driving you to the event, if you choose.

Format of a Letter Seeking Fundraising for an Event

A letter seeking fundraising for an event should be typed and printed clearly. Using coloured paper is a great way to make such a letter eye-catching, and including graphics will help convey a sense of fun about the event. If you are involved with the event as part of a team for a formal organisation then you may choose to print your letter on their letterhead instead.

Sample of a Letter Seeking Fundraising for an Event

05 January, 2009

Dear Stewart,

On [Date] I will be participating in the [Event Name] sponsored by [Organisation Name] in [Location]. This is a [Description of Event] that has taken place annually for 10 years. All funds raised by the [Event] help [Organisation] to [Description of Organisation's Work].

This will be my second year participating in the [Event] and I am determined to increase my fundraising this year. I need to raise [Monetary Amount] to participate in the [Event], but I would personally like to double this amount to help [Organisation] reach their goal of [Monetary Amount] from this [Event].

If you would like to donate to my entry fee or sponsor me during the [Event], please email me on [Email Address] and I will include you on my pledge sheet. If you are interested in participating in the [Event] yourself or in finding out more about [Organisation], their website is available at [Web Address].

Thank you again for your continued support of my activities.

Anupma Gupta

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