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Vamsi reddy said:
Friday, 14 Sep 2012
Its very useful and helpful for improvement of my knowledge.
Mike said:
Thursday, 10 May 2012
Very Helpful, thanks
Iqbal said:
Tuesday, 1 May 2012
Its a very useful tools - that the first time am using it - thanks a lot
Mustafa said:
Friday, 6 Jan 2012
A very functional website, thanks a lot
Vincent said:
Thursday, 13 Jan 2011
ΒΆ want to thank you guys for giving out this site.
Henry said:
Sunday, 19 Dec 2010
I need guides on writing excellent formal letters.
Emeka said:
Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010
Your letters has really been of good assistance to a lot things I needed to write but didn't have the clue. Thanks
Sabbir said:
Sunday, 31 Oct 2010
I find it very useful site,
David said:
Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010
Your letter writing is great enough for me to learn.
Steve said:
Monday, 4 Oct 2010
Great job you guys are doing. keep it up.
Quinn said:
Saturday, 14 Aug 2010
Great to know this website. Best regards, Quinn
Skelly K. said:
Tuesday, 10 Aug 2010
I am interested in writing business letter for introduction, Contracts etc. If there are classes I will be interested in them I the future. Thanks...Skelly
Elaine said:
Thursday, 22 Jul 2010
What a fantastic website. Thank you for providing a practical tool for situations which arise in all our lives.
Khalil said:
Sunday, 27 Jun 2010
It is good work and all informatoon and template are so good anyway thanks Letter Expert
Linda said:
Monday, 21 Jun 2010
Your website is great! I found many applicable information helpful for the daily business. Thanks,
Zenebe said:
Saturday, 1 May 2010
I am program assistant in one of NGOs working in Ethiopia and your site is providing mery very useful suport while communicating in letter with others
Anonymous said:
Friday, 19 Mar 2010
Thank you so much for a great site and one that is needed.
Rebecca said:
Monday, 22 Feb 2010
Thanks for accepting me to be part of you kindly always keep posted on hte latest
Gerald said:
Thursday, 4 Feb 2010
I would be greatful if you send me your weekly newsletter. Once again Thank you for your time regards. Malere Gerald Port vila VANUATU.
Timah said:
Friday, 22 Jan 2010
Would appreciate your help to increase knowledge and improve my english writing. thank you
Tuesday, 19 Jan 2010
I have learnt alot and I would appreciate if I can be getting more of your newsletters. Thank you.
Holly said:
Friday, 15 Jan 2010
Thank you for your Letter Expert site ! I often am at a loss for words when writing just the "right" type of letter. H.B.
John said:
Monday, 14 Sep 2009
Cecelia said:
Tuesday, 28 Jul 2009
An exceptional site! I particularly enjoyed your section on how to write a letter for Santa Claus, and on writing a love letter. Maybe you could branch out for us Americans?
Aziz said:
Friday, 24 Apr 2009
It really helps....
Trish said:
Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009
What a great service ... helps provide some of the words we (as authors) might not otherwise be able to provide ... thanks!
Cdorf said:
Monday, 26 Jan 2009
Im glad you could send me such letters. thank you
Samuel said:
Tuesday, 25 Nov 2008
Looking forward to learning how to write business letters and project proposals. I believe your help will be a real healing balm to my life.
Carol said:
Wednesday, 15 Oct 2008
Please send me all information updated with thanks!
Pat said:
Tuesday, 16 Sep 2008
I find your site very informative.
Wayne said:
Friday, 27 Jun 2008
Thank you for your excellent letter !
Raymond said:
Thursday, 29 May 2008
You are doing a wonderful job as it thus enlighten people.
Yousef said:
Sunday, 30 Mar 2008
Hi my name is yousef & I want that every body help me in stile typing letters thanks
Tito said:
Wednesday, 26 Mar 2008
I am positive that through this website of yours, my writing skills may improve and if possible be considered as in expert level. thanks and more power .
Sanjay said:
Friday, 14 Mar 2008
Thanks for this creative and kind art. In the days of fast time, this is really useful information, thanks again sanjay, India
Dong said:
Monday, 10 Mar 2008
Very good sample messages! Thanks!
Margery said:
Tuesday, 12 Feb 2008
I look forward to receiving your newsletter. Thank you.
Narsinha said:
Monday, 14 Jan 2008
Your site is very informative however, I would like to know how to write letter to Highest Authority of the country like President, Prime Minister.
Faiyaz said:
Monday, 17 Dec 2007
Hi one of my close school fiend has jus got married to this childhood sweethear Can you please give me a sample of letter so I could congratulate them in the best way I could thanks
Sameer said:
Wednesday, 24 Oct 2007
This is ver good site and informative
Victory said:
Friday, 5 Oct 2007
Pls send us business proposal letter, thank you.
Diane said:
Wednesday, 12 Sep 2007
Very helpful and useful site.
Lennice said:
Wednesday, 12 Sep 2007
Thank you and kind regards.
Ashok said:
Wednesday, 25 Jul 2007
I found your site is very informative and helpful to bridge the communication gap which is very common in our busy life.
Hien said:
Wednesday, 20 Jun 2007
I look for to read the letters.Thanks.
Gail said:
Thursday, 31 May 2007
Thank you for all your help in giving us examples of application letters.
Easter said:
Tuesday, 29 May 2007
Thisis very useful
Mary said:
Wednesday, 2 May 2007
I need a letter thanking my teacher for all she has taught me. I was in her legal research class. She taught me how to use Westlaw and Lexis. I learned how to do a great looking brief in her class. I can identify the issues in court cases and have great in-depth analysis.
Ann said:
Monday, 23 Apr 2007
I found this site useful in coaching my son to ask for feedback following him not being selected after a job interview. It just what we needed.