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Letter Announcing a Death

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Letter Announcing A Death Death

These days most of us find out about the death of a family member, close friend or work colleague via a telephone call or by another close relative, friend or work colleague coming to visit us in person and a formal letter announcing a death is not as common as it may have been many years ago. Usually, a more formal announcement is made by way of having an obituary placed in a local newspaper which also enables those who knew the deceased to obtain details of the funeral arrangements. However, there may be occasions whereby a letter announcing a death is more appropriate and often, it can be very much a judgement call as to the method by which you want to inform people of a death.

An example of when you might choose to write a letter of this kind would be if you had a relative or friend who lived overseas whom you might not speak to very often but whom you think should, perhaps, be informed. The timing of the letter should be in advance of the funeral wherever possible, however, to enable the recipient to pay their respects in some way, e.g. sending their own letter of condolence, sending flowers or to allow them time to arrange to attend the funeral.

How to Write the Letter

The style and tone of such a letter will vary and will very much depend upon both your relationship with the recipient and also their relationship with the deceased. They can be informal or formal in nature but, as it’s an announcement, you should adopt a solemn tone. Similarly, depending on your relationship with the recipient, the letter might be hand-written or typed. The content of the letter should be quite brief and should not include much else beyond the announcement, any background information you may wish to include and the funeral arrangements.

Here is an example of a fairly informal letter to a distant cousin living abroad informing them that their Aunt has died.

Dear Kim,

I regret to inform you that Aunt Elizabeth passed away last Monday (22nd). She had been suffering with lung cancer for the past year, as you know and, despite the fact that she’d recently spent her 80th birthday surrounded by her friends and family at home, her condition worsened at the beginning of the month and she died peacefully in hospital, having been admitted 10 days ago.

You will be happy to hear that her final few weeks were full of joy and laughter and, once her condition got worse, she was in little pain and did not have to endure any suffering.

Her funeral is taking place at St. Paul’s Church in her home village of Wrenbury a week on Friday (4th), where she will also be laid to rest alongside Uncle Stan. And, whilst none of us here would expect you to be able to attend, being so far away, we are asking that donations should be made in lieu of floral tributes, which were Elizabeth’s wishes, so I have attached details with this letter, should you wish to make a contribution.

I’m so sorry to have to bring you this sad news and hope to be able to speak to you about happier events, the next time I write.Meanwhile, if you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to call me.

With my fondest love,


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How can I write a letter to inform my daddy's club members that my daddy is dead.
Nneka - 2-Jul-19 @ 10:26 PM
I am suing a company, I just found out my attorney had deceased, What kind of letter do I send to the company I am suing? and how do I address how much I was asking for?
RISINGSTAR - 2-Jul-19 @ 9:25 PM
how do I write a letter informing my meeting colleagues of my father's death; as required by one of the meeting rules
JDQ - 17-May-19 @ 8:09 AM
Iwant to write a letter informing other local municipality about passing of one of our ward councilor from the office of the speaker
nwai - 30-Apr-19 @ 8:51 AM
How do I write a letter to inform the company my father retired from to inform them about his death.
Puffy combs - 9-Jan-19 @ 10:19 PM
I want to write a letter to our clients informing them of the death of our managing partner.
zeco - 24-Sep-18 @ 11:00 AM
I want to write to my dad's factory about his death.
Nuel - 26-Dec-17 @ 8:41 PM
How do i write a letter informing my school about my father's death
Reny - 13-Jul-17 @ 12:59 PM
iykphlex - Your Question:
Please I just lost my uncle, and now I want to write a formal letter to the community excos informing them officially about the lost

Our Response:
Sorry to hear about your uncle. We hope the article above helps you devise a letter to announce the death.
LetterExpert - 17-Mar-17 @ 10:43 AM
Please I just lost my uncle, and now I want to write a formal letter to the community excos informing them officially about the lost
iykphlex - 15-Mar-17 @ 9:51 AM
SETH AMPOFO - Your Question:
How do l write a letter to inform my management of d death of my dad

Our Response:
We hope the article above helps you with this.
LetterExpert - 27-Jan-16 @ 11:49 AM
How do l write a letter to inform my management of d death of my dad
SETH AMPOFO - 25-Jan-16 @ 10:14 PM
my subordinate died following an accident on12 th September. please guide me to prepare a report to submit to our head office
sulubi - 20-Sep-13 @ 8:48 AM
how can i write a letter to the bank to inform them about my father's death
luciano - 3-May-13 @ 8:17 PM
My boss have died, and i need to advised the clients and customers about his death in a formal letter, while advising them of new management
meka - 8-Jan-13 @ 4:52 PM
i need to solicit in the company regarding the death of my father in law, please help me
gelay - 21-Nov-12 @ 6:47 AM
how do i write a letter informing credit card companies and etc. that my wife past away?
lboogie - 17-Aug-12 @ 12:02 AM
How do l write a letter to inform my manager of d death of my dad.
Chrisony - 26-Jun-12 @ 5:04 AM
please i lost my aunt last month and i have to send a letter to her office to inform them of her death please guide me....................... Thanks
Kaycee - 20-Jun-12 @ 4:52 PM
how to write a letter to the bank manager for change of address because ofthe death of director?
dhwani - 5-Jun-12 @ 8:10 AM
Wow that was kinda interesting.
Naadz - 13-May-12 @ 8:07 AM
@Nishad. The template above should help. Good luck
LetterExpert - 18-Apr-12 @ 10:28 AM
I am working in company as secretary some time we need to write a memo for the holiday on death of employee to staff Please guide me
nishad - 18-Apr-12 @ 5:34 AM
My husband died in June. I will be sending out Christmas cards soon and would like to know the proper way to do this. I assume that for family and friends who know about the death that I should just sign my name. However, I have a few friends that I only contact at the holidays who do not know that my husband has died. What should I do?
Questioning - 28-Nov-11 @ 4:37 AM
Your hard work, your enthusiasm, and your perceptive analysis of training helps to make this website such a tremendous success. Thank you for everything that you have given to this page, and me!
HR.HP - 21-Jun-11 @ 6:37 AM
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